Defensive Handgun & Shoot-House class

Our Defensive handgun & Shoot-House class is suitable for both new and experienced shooters. This class helps prepare each student for real world shooting situations by incorporating live fire with other factors such as shooting from different positions, engaging multiple targets, movement, and stress. When most people go to the range to practice, they are usually limited to shooting at only one target while standing still. It is proven that the way you practice is the way you will "do". So, if you plan for only one attacker, or if you only practice standing still, you will be at a significant disadvantage in real life. This class not only teaches what to do, it better prepares students by letting them experience how those other factors affect their shooting ability and accuracy.

This class is 5-8 hours long (depending on class size) and is taught entirely outdoors on the range.

Students are required to bring an approved semi-automatic handgun, at least 3 extra magazines with a total capacity of more than 30 rounds, 250 rounds of new ammunition, an “outside the pants” holster, eye & ear protection, and a hat with a brim (like a baseball cap). Equipment rentals are available for an additional cost per person (see rental equipment). Rentals include the use of a handgun, all ammunition, magazines, holster, and eye & ear protection.

To ensure a lot of quality one on one time with an instructor, this class is limited to a maximum of 11 students per class, with a minimum of 2 instructors.

NOTE: The Home & Personal Defense course is a prerequisite to this class. Make sure you take our Home & Personal Defense course BEFORE this class.

*Our Advanced Handgun Course is usually offered twice a month, year-round. It is taught entirely on the range. Because of the time needed on the range, this class may be rescheduled due to inclement weather.

Because this class fills very quickly, we do not post the schedule online. Please call us for a current list of available dates.