About Us


It is a fact that you have to be different in order to be better. We at Arm Yourself Training believe we are different from most traditional firearms training in two very important ways.

-A lot of firearms courses try to teach students one "way" to do something. We believe there is more than one "way" to do something and the "way" that works best for you may not be the "way" that works best for others. Our job is to show you your options, find the "way" that works best for you, and show you how to master "your way".

-There are many other firearms instructors out there, but just because someone is knowledgeable or has a lot of experience, does not make them a good teacher. People learn differently and we understand that. In addition to being qualified, our instructors are true teachers who take pride in their ability to cater to the individual needs of their students.

At an "Arm Yourself Training" course, you will be taught by a professional instructor who's focus is on finding the "way" that works best for you, rather than forcing you to do something the "way" they learned it, or the "way" that works best for them.